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Kayk Technologies will be a leading pre-paid mobile recharge Africa - On Kayk Technologies B2B Retailers and users can recharge prepaid mobile online. Kayk Technologies is the safest way to prepaid recharge for all service providers. Kayk Technologies has tied up with all major telecom service providers to bring convenience to you.

Why use Kayk Technologies B2b Wallet for Online Mobile Recharges?

Recharge on the move: Now you don’t need to go to the Bakala / Shop for recharges.

Kayk Technologies retailer Wallet gives you the ultimate freedom to be able to do your prepaid mobile recharge anytime and from anywhere. Whether you are travelling, on a holiday or at work, recharge as and when you wish

Instant: Your Recharges happen in less than 7 to10 seconds. Reliable and faster: Online mobile recharge with Kayk Technologies b2b Retailer Wallet is reliable and you do not need to enter your card or bank account details. Simply load money in your Kayk Technologies Wallet and pay using your wallet to experience a faster checkout.

Recharge through apps, VMN sms and web based

Kayk Technologies offers three type recharge facility- through apps - users can download our apps by visiting-www,Kayk Technologiessolutions.com/apps, after complete download user can start recharge with submitting user id and password. Also via web login and through sms. Sms format given blow. Mobile Recharge with sms Example-

Recharge any mobile: (Through Deposit amount)


If you want to recharge 50 SDG to Zain SD Mobile bearing Number 0900381013

Type MRMC < space > User Id < space >Service Provider Short Code < space > Mobile Number< space > Amount to Recharge < space > Today Date - and send it to 07568912333

MRMC 614598 ZAIN 8875444422 100 23 SEND TO 07568912333

E- Wallet:

News :

The digital wallet revolution has not have lived up to its expectations -- yet. According to Gallup, just 13 percent of smartphone owners have a digital wallet app, while the majority of those who do have an app (76 percent), rarely use it.

That may be disheartening for those of us involved in the industry, but there’s always a silver lining.

Business Insider is forecasting that in the U.S. alone mobile payments volume will increase to $503 billion by 2020 and will be used by 56 percent of the consumer population during that year. Meanwhile, Sweden, Singapore, the Netherlands, France, Canada, Belgium and the U.K. are already on their way to becoming cashless societies - with Australia, Brazil, India and much of Africa following suit.

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While there are still barriers and limitations, such as security concerns and limited number of compatible vendors, digital wallets, and mobile payments are not only changing how we pay for goods and services, they also have the power to go beyond payments because of how they’re constantly being evolved - which is going to be important for both businesses and customers.

Breaking down digital wallets and mobile payments.

The idea of a digital wallet, which is basically just a digital version of a physical wallet, isn’t new. In fact, David Chaum, an American cryptographer, created digital cash all the way back in 1983. That was the beginning of cryptocurrencies

Once we entered the '90s, however, things began to accelerate rather quickly. Thanks to the internet and advances in technology, we had the ability to start ordering pizzas online (some claim that happened in 1994 when a customer ordered a pepperoni and mushroom pizza from Pizza Hut) and purchase movie tickets using a phone (Ericsson and Telenor Mobil accomplished this in 1999). We also saw the introduction of PayPal in 1998, which is considered the first digital wallet.

By 2003, mobile devices started picking up momentum, which was followed by developments like the invention of bitcoin in 2008 and the introduction of Google Wallet (2011) and Apple Pay (2014).

Kayk Technologies Services For Individual:

Go Cashless and Cardless With Kayk Technologies Wallet Pay with your smartphone on the go - anytime, anywhere. Say bye bye to loose change, cash, credit/debit cards, loyalty cards, mobile wallet apps. Enables you to pay bills, recharge your mobile or DTH, buy goods or services at brick and mortar stores, in-app or online stores; send or receive money, spilt bills and keep track of the money others owe you and much more… It’s fast, reliable, secure and incredibly simple to use.